Social Media Management + Content Creation

For sustainable and independent brands

Whatever your vision may be, my story telling, sustainable approach will help make your online presence stand out from the rest, so you can spend more time on your business.


From words that tell your brands story to content creation for a social media presence with a purpose, if you'd like to find out more about how I can offer a helping hand, head to the services page.



Nulla translates to zero in Latin. A world with zero waste is what we need to strive for. Spreading the word of sustainability is essential. Our planet is precious and quite frankly NEEDS our help.

Nulla is here to help you to create a voice in this crowded online landscape that we exist in and showcase your sustainable efforts.

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"Holly is a complete gem! I’m so pleased to of found her. Social media can be so daunting, especially when you are busy with all other aspects of a business. Holly has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, keeping me on track and organised! Creating beautiful content- and most impressively understanding my brand completely and the tone needed to share my message. She is completely on her game, her monthly reports are so insightful, and make sure we are tweaking things to constantly increase engagement."
- Anuka Jewellery
“Holly from Nulla Content has been an absolute treasure to my fine jewellery brand. She creates engaging newsletters every fortnight, with up to date information of new collections, or and information on sustainability. She organises her business so well, and takes a huge weight off my shoulders. I highly recommend working with her.”
- RRH Jewellery
"Holly's been looking after all our social media for over a year now. She's fantastic; completely understands the brand, sets the tone perfectly, and even comes up with fun ideas & angles that I'd never think of! She's very organised, our socials are all mapped and planned out weeks in advance. Our Instagram followers consistently grow every day. I never have to worry about checking our socials when she's already responding & commenting on other posts - she's ten steps ahead of me!"
- Tincan Coffee
"Holly was a tremendous and efficient social manager for Not Just Another Store, we found her to have the ability to communicate our vision perfectly on our social media channels. We were particularly pleased with her ability to preplan posts but also react to ongoing discourse in the company. We would definitely recommend her services."
- Not Just Another Store