Nulla recommends: Documentaries on Sustainability

There is so much information out there, a never ending portal of new ideas and concepts surrounding what it takes to be sustainable and what new trend or product is going to save the world. 

Personally, I’m a lover of documentaries. Sitting down for an hour or so, soaking up new pieces of knowledge and delving into one certain subject without having to think about anything else for a minute is my learning preference. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I always feel much better watching an informative doc than watching some rubbish reality TV show (although, I do also love a bit of trash TV – guilty!).

So here it is, my short but sweet list of documentaries. Documentaries that have stuck with me, resonating with me in some way or another and that I think everyone and their mothers should watch..

War on Plastic with Hugh and Anita

The devastating effects of plastic pollution is never ending. Many of us are making conscious efforts to reduce our waste and cut down on purchasing plastic yet, not much seems to be improving. The damage is already done.

Do you know how much new plastic we’re using in the UK every year and what happens to it after you’ve dutifully recycled it at home? This documentary sets out to answer these questions. Presenters Hugh and Anita look in to the extent of plastic people have in their homes, travel to Asia to discover where a lot of our plastic is being dumped and talk to people who are trying to make a change and get to the bottom of the endless circle of plastic waste.

It’s a quick, easy watch that answers a load of questions surrounding our war with plastics. From challenging big businesses to questioning the government on what they’re looking to do to put a stop to the issue, this documentary uncovers a lot of misconceptions and difficult truths.

Stacey Dooley Investigates Fashion’s Dirty Secrets

Now, I love Stacey Dooley. The way she connects with people and communicates in such a way that everyone around her always appears instantly comfortable…she’s amazing.

If you’re guilty (like most of us our) of ordering online and buying in to the fast fashion industry every now and again, then this is a must see. Stacey uncovers the shocking truths behind the fashion industry from where our clothes really come from, how secretive the industry is in terms of where products are sourced and made and the detrimental effect it is having on our planet.

She looks in to areas of this industry that I didn’t even know existed. It’s extremely eye opening and really makes you think. Since watching this documentary, I have definitely become more of a conscious consumer.

Blue Planet II

You have most likely seen all, or at least some episodes of this series so I won’t go on and on, but Blue Planet II and issues that it highlights should be, or rather needs to be seen. I mean, once you’ve seen albatross parents feeding plastic to their little chicks, there’s no going back. 

This documentary has been a catalyst in raising awareness of the detrimental effect of plastic pollution across the world. It shocked viewers, it upset many and revealed a tonne of unsettling truths.

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