Instagram Content: Aesthetic vs. Authentic

As a brand, deciding how to present yourself online and considering how you want consumers to view you and your values takes time.

Should you follow the trend (with your own spin on it of course) of displaying your feed with a certain aesthetic and theme or, would a more authentic, more downplayed and ‘unplanned’ look suit you more?

Who says you can’t be both?

There has been an obvious shift towards curated feeds with beautiful filters on each and every image and fine tuned story layouts that follow the brand aesthetic however, there has also been a noticeable preference for brands and feeds that are more honest, relatable and that have their own personality.

Finding the right balance

A certain level of curated content and a subtle theme is effective. Tailoring your Instagram to hold the same look and feel as your overall brand image is essential. Content works best if it is unifying over all platforms.

However, it is possible to over curate your feed and go full on aesthetic over authentic. The problem with this is that it removes all relatability and personality. Heavily edited photos and filtered images may be a trend, but that doesn’t mean you must replicate it.

You want to connect with your followers right? Well, then you’ve got to be yourself (excuse the cheesy cliché). Your brand may be a ‘brand’ but there is a person (or collection of people) behind each and every brand out there, a person with a personality – so let that shine through.

How to create a feed with personality?

A good feed requires a personality. Amongst the beautiful images of your products, there must be some aspect of relatability; something that keeps your consumer coming back. The key is to not over think it.

Here are a few ideas to get that authenticity flowing:

  • A conversational voice: have a chat. Make those captions conversational. Ask questions and get interactive in the comments. Make statements that followers will react to.
  • Put a face to the brand: people love to be able to put a face to a name – a face to a brand. So why not incorporate some BTS images or photos of you or your team doing your thing. What seems like mundane everyday life stuff to you will be insightful to your followers.
  • Tell a story: let people in. Give your followers some insight into your journey – how the brand came about, what inspired it, what are you doing looking forward? Stories are a great place to do this. You could even create a separate highlight to pop any content about your brands journey.

If you need a hand putting together a social media strategy or would like some guidance on managing your Instagram feed, get in touch. I’m sure we can work something out together and find that perfect balance between authenticity and aesthetics.

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