How I Got into Freelancing


I never really wanted to go to uni, it was just something I ended up doing – partly because everyone around me was and partly because I was unsure of what else to do. I felt too young to jump into a career, yet too old to want to stay at home and contemplate what else to do.

My university experience could be described as a roller coaster. Let’s just say, it wasn’t for me.

To cut a long story short, I attended one uni for a year, dropped out, had a quarter life crisis – ok, maybe a little OTT – had a realisation, decided I made the wrong decision to give up and that I should finish and get my degree, and then carried out my final two years at a new uni – deep breath –

Although not ideal, without these ups and downs, I wouldn’t have found what I was good at, I wouldn’t have experience my first copywriting role, I wouldn’t have met people with great contacts, and I wouldn’t have ended up starting Nulla.


Everyone should do an internship. They’re fab and they are what lead me to decide exactly what career path I wanted to take.

I have done a handful of interns/work experience placements (whatever you want to call it) and honestly loved every single one.

My longest placement was at an amazing PR firm in London – an intern that I wouldn’t have landed if it wasn’t for contacts I acquired at uni (silver linings) – and it introduced me to the creative world of social media management and influencer marketing. From then, I was set – this is what I wanted to do.


During third year at uni, I met Gabi Cox, a creative business consultant who I pitched the idea Nulla to. She is great and really helped me get to grips with the business side of things.

Between meeting with Gabi and starting Nulla, I met and chatted with people who had taken the leap to go full time freelance and others who were part-time freelancers, asked a lot of questions, and concluded that this was definitely for me.

I had a lot of time on my hands and had always dreamt of having my own business, so I went for it.


The most valuable piece of advice that I have picked up from working online is the importance of keeping contacts.

I travelled around Australia for half a year back in 2017. I booked a couple of tours through this independent travel company called RatPack. I loved their vibe and how they presented themselves on socials. When I arrived back in the UK, I proceeded to email them asking if they needed a hand writing blogs and they said yes. Three years later, I still freelance for them and now write all of the copy for their blogs.

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