Instagram Followers: Why Less is More

Follower counts don’t matter.

Yep, you heard me right. I recall someone referring to follower counts as a ‘vanity metric’ and that’s exactly what is is.

It’s all about your accounts engagement

One of the biggest misconceptions about Instagram is that your follower count is everything. It’s not. And it’s unrealistic to believe it is.

Although it may seem like you need loads and loads of followers to be successful, followers are only really valuable if they are truly interested in your content.

I’m referring to likes, comments, sharing, jumping on board with hashtags – all of the aspects that enhance your accounts engagement rate.

The best engagement rate is anything from 3.21% and above.

If you think of it like this: if an account with a following of 1k has a 3% engagement rate, this means that you only really have 30 followers that matter.

Rather than seeking to increase your follower count so that it reaches the 10s of thousands, your goal should be gathering engaged followers to increase your engagement rate.

The reason that the relatively recent trend of nano marketing and micro influencers has become such a thing is that these accounts are able to capitalise on authenticity and navigate the Instagram algorithm.

In other words, it is more likely that a larger percentage of their content is going to be seen by a larger percentage of their following.

How to you go about increasing engagement?

Posting at the right time, engaging with your followers, reciprocating any favours and following the right hashtags all need to be kept on top of and carried out regularly.

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