Meet the Face Behind: Tincan Coffee

Tincan Coffee Co is an independent specialist coffee shop based in residential areas of Bristol, headed by Jessie aka the loveliest women ever.

Jessie aims to be friendly, ethical and only buy from other local independents.

I have been running the social media for Tincan for about a year and a half now and love their fun vibe and eagerness to be as sustainable as possible.

Meet the face behind this fab coffee house – say hello to Jessie.

What does sustainable living mean to you?

“Being frugal; not buying more than you need. Buying responsibly – i.e. thinking about where the product comes from before you buy it. I hate waste and minimise this as much as I possibly can.”

“Tincan is on the Too Good To Go app which makes sure any toastie, cake or pastry gets sold at a reduced price at the end of each day, saving it from going in the bin. I use 100% plant based & compostable packaging, which is collected gets taken to be composted and used on fields in Gloucestershire.”

What is your biggest concern with the current environmental issues facing the planet?

“The amount of greed that there is in this ultra consumerist world; whatever we want, we can get. We’re slowly destroying our planet by having this greedy, materialistic, selfish & ignorant attitude towards it. Big businesses need to be accountable and take responsibility. For example, we as consumers can stop buying products wrapped in plastic, but if the supermarkets are still selling it then people will still buy it.”

How would you suggest people become more sustainable in their everyday lives?

“Think before you buy – buy fruit & veg from your local independent shop as chances are they won’t be covered in unnecessary plastic (as well as supporting them rather than a huge chain supermarket). Don’t buy more than you need, and live within your means.”

“Don’t throw everything in your general waste bin – reuse, recycle, compost as much as you can.”

If you ever find yourself in Bristol, make time to fit in a trip to Tincan – you won’t regret it.

Check our their website here.

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