Meet the Face Behind: ANUKA Jewellery

Ah ANUKA, perhaps the most beautiful collection of jewellery you’ll ever lay your eyes on! Created and ran by the fabulous one women team, Francesca Kippax, ANUKA’s efforts to do things the right way is inspiring. Not only is the jewellery sustainably made, there is also complete transparency in every step of the process – from sourcing the precious metals to the timeless hand-crafted jewellery arriving at your doorstep.

Away from the workbench and her busy schedule of designing and making, myself and Francesca took a moment to chat through some questions about sustainability.

What does sustainable living mean to you?

Making considered choices, whether that’s how you are doing your weekly food shop (is it local, or does it contain reduced plastic packaging), to how you are travelling and the luxuries you buy. I think it’s consistently asking how and where the items you buy are made along with just buying what you need and limiting your waste.

What is your biggest concern with the current environmental issues facing the planet?

Big question! One of my constant concerns is why big businesses or the people that find themselves in a position of responsibility and power aren’t doing more of what’s needed to save our planet and home. We as consumers and small businesses can do our part but it’s the big corporations and governments that can instil real change.

How would you suggest people become more sustainable in their everyday lives?

Support local businesses that are doing things well, don’t make impulse buys but hesitate, think it through and wait to see if you are still thinking about the item in the coming weeks. Buy second hand- I love a reclamation yard or the thrill of winning an ebay bid! Swap clothes with your siblings and friends. Most importantly, invest in key pieces that are going to last for years to come, or upcycle those sentimental items you have- one of my favourite things to do with jewellery!

I would really recommend taking a look at Francesca’s jewellery collections and her efforts towards sustainability. If you’re a lover of gold jewellery, check out the fully traceable Fairmined gold or if silver is more your thing (I’m all about the silver), then take a look at the process behind the 100% recycled precious metal she creates with. 

You can find the ANUKA online store here.

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