Hello, I’m Holly.

Having lived in Bristol my whole life – Bristol being a very sustainable, green orientated city – without even realising it, I am constantly exposed to efforts of sustainability and people, groups and campaigns expressing their opinions on helping the planet. So, I guess it all just stuck with me. I have always wanted to be seen doing my bit to help our planet, whether that ‘bit’ is big or small, I believe that every step is a step in the right direction. 

I have forever loved creativity – anyyyything that gets the ‘aesthetically approving’ tick from me goes straight on to one of my thousands of mood boards that I store in my head. I think it is more important than ever to find inspiration in everything, whether that’s from your Pinterest boards, a beautiful blog you saw, a fabulous coffee table book (they are to die for) or simply from the environment that surrounds you. 

But sometimes, the creative aspect of your brand is difficult to grasp and it can be difficult to put your finger on exactly what kind of identity you want to put out there. So, that’s where Nulla comes in handy. 

How I can help

Helping you to have a voice and showcase your brand in this crowded online landscape that we exist in is more important than ever.

From words that tell your brand’s story to content creation for a social media presence that stands out from the rest – let’s save our planet together and show others how to do the same.

"Holly is a complete gem! I’m so pleased to of found her. Social media can be so daunting, especially when you are busy with all other aspects of a business. Holly has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, keeping me on track and organised! Creating beautiful content- and most impressively understanding my brand completely and the tone needed to share my message. She is completely on her game, her monthly reports are so insightful, and make sure we are tweaking things to constantly increase engagement."
- Anuka Jewellery
"Holly has completely changed the quality and engagement of the social media platforms that she manages for me. My interaction on all platforms have increased and the attention to detail that she puts into each post is outstanding. She gets to know you and your brand so that every single element of a post is authentic to you. I have been so impressed with all the work Holly has done so far and I’m so excited with what we’re going to create together in the future. Holly not only listens to you but brings ideas to the table which is one of the main reasons I love working with her - she has so much knowledge in the industry and you can trust Holly will bring life and sales to your brand and business! If you’re looking for someone that’ll change your social media game - Holly is your girl!"
- Lydia Collins
“Holly from Nulla Content has been an absolute treasure to my fine jewellery brand. She creates engaging newsletters every fortnight, with up to date information of new collections, or and information on sustainability. She organises her business so well, and takes a huge weight off my shoulders. I highly recommend working with her.”
- RRH Jewellery
"I am so pleased to have found Holly! As a small business owner wearing multiple hats and juggling the day to day running of a business, I found my social media was getting completely forgotten about. I knew I had to focus more on it but I just didn’t have the time to do so. Holly stepped in and took over my Instagram for me, coming up with creative ideas, creating content and delivering the message of my brand to our followers. I cannot thank Holly enough for her help, knowledge and talents. She is incredibly invaluable to any small, sustainable business owner."
- Glow Organic
"Holly's been looking after all our social media for over a year now. She's fantastic; completely understands the brand, sets the tone perfectly, and even comes up with fun ideas & angles that I'd never think of! She's very organised, our socials are all mapped and planned out weeks in advance. Our Instagram followers consistently grow every day. I never have to worry about checking our socials when she's already responding & commenting on other posts - she's ten steps ahead of me!"
- Tincan Coffee
"Holly was a tremendous and efficient social manager for Not Just Another Store, we found her to have the ability to communicate our vision perfectly on our social media channels. We were particularly pleased with her ability to preplan posts but also react to ongoing discourse in the company. We would definitely recommend her services."
- Not Just Another Store